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Deliver Print as Quickly as Next Day

The HubCast Global Print Solution enables you to deliver commercial-quality print as quickly as next day in most major cities.

How do we do it? Our unparalleled global network of commercial Print Service Providers (PSPs) spans the globe. It’s a virtual print factory, which enables you to print materials locally, anywhere in the world, and eliminate the time and expense of shipping. And, it provides next-day delivery to 92 percent of the world’s top GDP cities.

Our Global Print Solution also dramatically reduces the time you spend ordering print.
The order process is managed through a self-service corporate storefront, which users can access anytime, from anywhere in the world. It provides employees with around-the-clock access to approved marketing materials.

No emails. No phone calls. Users simply log into the storefront, select a file from the document library, and input the quantity, delivery date and destination. Our HubCast Cloud Print Engine automatically generates a price, verifies and routes the file to the optimal Print Service Provider (PSP) closest to the delivery address, and processes the order.

The entire process takes minutes. It’s that simple.

HubCast’s storefront can support thousands of users and provide online document storage for up to 5 terabytes of data. We use industry-standard security SSL encryption, to ensure secure transactions and provide permission-based access so you maintain control over your materials.