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What the “Back to the Future” Movie Teaches Us About Printer’s Remorse

Posted by Sean Doherty on

httpsc1.staticflickr.com540484534097974_0bd3a76d21_b.jpgEver wish you had Marty McFly’s time-machine DeLorean and could go back in time to keep yourself from making a huge print marketing mistake?

At one point in their career, most marketers have experienced the feeling that we at HubCast like to call “printer’s remorse.” It’s the hollow, face-palm feeling you get when you order a big run of print marketing collateral that doesn’t arrive on time for the event. Or it does arrive on time, but a day after it arrives, something changes with your branding which makes all the printed collateral worthless.

So unless you have a time machine that will allow you to go back in time, what can you do to ensure you don’t feel printer’s remorse in the future? HubCast offers marketers the opportunity to avoid reliving their past mistakes and embrace the future of printing. Here are some of the lessons of the movie which demonstrate how to avoid printer’s remorse.

Don’t Get Sucked into Large Print Runs
In the movie, the only way to power the DeLorean car for time travel back to 1985 is with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. Since it is 1955 and they do not have easy access to uranium, the only way to power the DeLorean is a bolt of lightning. Printers suck you into large print runs. It is economical for them and they make it expensive to do shorter print runs.

At HubCast, you have all the print control. You can order what you need, when you need it, regardless of the amount or location. Small runs are economical at HubCast plus you don’t have to ship that far from your intended destination.

Don’t Put Up With Faded Images
Marty McFly carries a picture of his brother and sister with him from 1985 while he is in 1955. If he doesn’t get his parents together, he and his siblings will never be born and the images on the photo will fade.

Sub-par printing can dramatically damage your global branding efforts and customer loyalty. You want to make sure your brand red is printed the same Hill Valley or Helsinki. HubCast ensures the highest-quality print on every project, every time, everywhere. Our Cloud Print Solution utilizes innovative technology and rigorous quality control processes to deliver consistent quality on marketing materials, wherever they are printed. We standardized print production down to the ink, presses and paper we use throughout our global PSP network to ensure your corporate colors and brand print consistently, worldwide.

What is the future?
For Back to the Future II and III, Doc and Marty go to the future but it has not turned out as well as expected. Thanks to their cleverness, they are able to right the future.

At HubCast, we have made great strides into the future of printing technology to provide industry-best services to our customers. Recently, we expanded our print network to include HP Indigo 10000 Presses in eight countries. While the HP 10000 sounds like a what a time machine would be called in a movie, in reality, it is even better. The HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press produces virtually any commercial print job—with Indigo quality, substrate versatility and production flexibility. HP Indigo 10000s allow HubCast to print formats up to 20” x 29″ (B2 format), pocket folders, saddle-stitched landscape brochures/booklets, gatefolds and B2 posters in digital quantities more cost effectively. HP Indigo 10000s supports heavier substrates; up to 150 lb cover – 18pt thickness – coated and uncoated stock.

“Suddenly, the future is looking a whole lot better.”

Are you interested in experiencing the future of print marketing? And avoiding any future printer’s remorse? Please contact me at 781.425.2232.

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