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good cheap fast 2aIn the past, marketers were often presented options when ordering print that forced them to choose to sacrifice either the product quality, the delivery time or the budget.

As the old saying goes, “Good, cheap, fast. Pick two.”

  1. If a marketer wanted to guarantee high-quality marketing collateral and have it delivered quickly, the budget was blown on expedited shipping.
  2. If marketer wanted to get the print on budget and on time, printing in country was often the only option, but quality was usually suspect.
  3. If the marketer wanted to get it there with high quality and on budget, shipping on a slow boat was the only option.

With growing technological advances and the increasing global aspirations of businesses, “picking two” is no longer necessary—or acceptable. Global marketers want more when it comes to print collateral, and they can get it with HubCast. Read More…

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