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White Paper Outlines Why Marketers Need to Print as part of Printvember Celebration

HubCast White Paper - Print is NOT DeadWakefield, MA (USA) – November 10, 2015. HubCast, Inc. a global leader in cloud print solutions, today announced the release of a white paper entitled, 10 Reasons Why Print is NOT Dead: Why Marketers Need to Print. The white paper explores the tremendous advantages reading on print provides to its audience including better comprehension, less health issues and minimal distractions. Audiences are searching out print options as way to “unplug” from the flood of digital content. This white paper release is part of a month long promotion celebrating all that is good with print called “Printvember.”

Over the past years, marketers have been quick to abandon traditional marketing avenues like print collateral and direct mail in favor of digital campaigns. In fact, a survey released by the Content Marketing Institute says that 7 out of 10 B2B marketers work exclusively in digital and do not do any print distribution at all. Unfortunately for these marketers, the Millennial generation (born 1982 to 2004) prefers to read on paper even though they were raised on digital. All generations intuitively realize that it is easier and navigate while reading print on paper and new research show that comprehension is better on print. Paper is becoming increasingly sustainable as more people are recycling and the ongoing consumption of paper supports the timber industry which keeps replenishing forests rather than having the land being turned over for development. In fact, the timber industry plants four million trees a day and only harvests one million trees a day.

Additional reasons why marketers should consider print in their marketing toolbox is that digital reading fosters skimming; print is more tactile than digital and therefore more memorable; print is more credible than digital; digital reading can be harmful to your health; the saturation of digital means there is an opportunity for paper and it is easy than ever to print globally.

HubCast has been expanding its print network making it increasingly valuable to enterprise companies frustrated with the traditional process of global printing. Companies have had two choices in order to meet the print needs of their global offices. They could order a large batch of print from their local printer, but would have to endure high costs in warehousing, fulfillment and shipping plus unpredictable customs delays. Or they could use international printers that are not familiar with their print needs, making the ordering and logistics process more difficult, especially with the time zone differences. HubCast solves this no-win situation by managing all aspects of the print process; from easy end-user ordering and commercial-grade print production to speedy delivery with financial and administrative reporting.

About HubCast
HubCast provides innovative software solutions via the cloud for global companies looking for improved efficiencies in their printing process. With global competition paramount, enterprises are constantly challenged by an inability to deliver high-quality marketing materials to their global locations and partners quickly and cost-effectively. HubCast has disrupted the legacy printing process by combining our software technology that uses the cloud to manage the entire print procurement and delivery process with a certified, global network of HubCast Print Service Providers (PSPs) using high quality HP-Indigo press technology that reaches countries on every continent. HubCast is the only company that provides global delivery of high-quality marketing print quickly, easily and cost effectively with service as fast as next-day.

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think before printing

Note: This is part of a Blog Series entitled: Print is NOT Dead.

We have all seen variations of this message. “Think Before You Print” or “Think Before You Print this Email.” The goal of this message is to get people to print less in order to save the environment. But is it true? Based on the research outlined below, probably not. Many people feel guilty for printing out paper, but I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t. I have put together some guidelines regarding how you print that can enable you to be a good, sustainable printer. While many people generally believe that printing is not sustainable, the truth is that by following these guidelines, you can easily make smart green choices about printing. Read More…

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amy-schumer-cutting-1621746455Note: This is part of a Blog Series entitled: Print is NOT Dead.

Amy Schumer is a Millennial as a result of being born in 1981. She is also one of the hottest comedians on the planet and recently, I was lucky enough to see her stand-up act. Glancing around the dark auditorium, I realized I was surrounded by millennials. You know, that generation of twenty-somethings and early thirty-somethings who have never known a world without computers, who grew up with email, who first posted on Facebook before graduating from college.

Many assumptions about this group are stated as gospel – we think they live their entire lives in cyberspace and experience everything through screens rather than in real life. But I noticed that the millennials around me were not holding up their phones, not texting, not tweeting during the show. In fact, I was the one doing all those things, while they watched, listened, and laughed. It made me wonder what other assumptions we’re getting wrong. Read More…

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Print is Not Dead: 5 ReasonsNote: This is part of a Blog Series entitled: Print is NOT Dead.

I don’t know about you, but I argue constantly with my friends and family about print vs. digital. They wave their tablets or Kindles at me and assert that print is dead, but I love holding paper in my hands while reading, whether it’s magazines and books for pleasure or articles and white papers for work. During these arguments, I often make claims that printed paper provides substantial advantages over digital – and here’s the proof to back it up. Read More…

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