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httpsc1.staticflickr.com540484534097974_0bd3a76d21_b.jpgEver wish you had Marty McFly’s time-machine DeLorean and could go back in time to keep yourself from making a huge print marketing mistake?

At one point in their career, most marketers have experienced the feeling that we at HubCast like to call “printer’s remorse.” It’s the hollow, face-palm feeling you get when you order a big run of print marketing collateral that doesn’t arrive on time for the event. Or it does arrive on time, but a day after it arrives, something changes with your branding which makes all the printed collateral worthless.

So unless you have a time machine that will allow you to go back in time, what can you do to ensure you don’t feel printer’s remorse in the future? HubCast offers marketers the opportunity to avoid reliving their past mistakes and embrace the future of printing. Here are some of the lessons of the movie which demonstrate how to avoid printer’s remorse. Read More…

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