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Leading Cloud Print Company Helps Enterprise Companies Save On Global Shipping Of Paper

trees-340950_1280Wakefield, MA (USA) – September 30, 2015. HubCast, Inc. a global leader in cloud print solutions, announced that on about October 13, 2015, HubCast will have saved its customers 600 tons in carbon expenditure since 2010. By allowing global companies to order print via the cloud and print it close to its intended destination, HubCast helps companies stay competitive while remaining good corporate citizens. This has prevented, on average, 104 metric tons (230,000 lbs) of CO2 and other harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere per year. To put that in terms that we can relate to, this savings is the same as taking 21 mid-size American cars off the road each year. In order to keep sustainability top of mind for its customers, partners and employees, HubCast recently installed a carbon counter on its website which tracks the amount of carbon saved since 2010. Read More…

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