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Press-Ready PDF Set-Up

A press-ready file is free of any issues which would interfere with the successful production of your document through the HubCast Cloud Print Solution. Download the PDF version of this guide or follow the instructions below.

Please use the following guidelines when creating your HubCast press-ready PDF using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and Quark Xpress.

Color and Resolution

color wheel

  • All individual images, illustrations, and tints are CMYK
  • All black text and line work are single color black
  • Fine resolution is 300 ppi
  • Placed image resolutions are 140 ppi or higher
  • Total ink coverage (the sum of C+M+Y+K ink) is not more than 280 in more than 10% of any page
  • Font size is at least 4pt for overprint text and 5pt for knockout text

Page Layout


  • Document is set to the final document page size, called “Trim Box
  • Page size and orientation are consistent throughout the document
  • Elements designed to “bleed” should extend 1/8th inch beyond the Trim Box
  • All critical text and graphics are placed within a “Safe Zone,” which is the area set 1/8th an inch inside the Trim Box


Save document as a PDF/X-1a file in order to ensure the following…


  • All layers and transparencies are flattened during PDF creation
  • All fonts (including system fonts) are embedded
  • PDFs are not password protected, encrypted, do not contain OPI comments, Annotations, Java scripts, custom halftone screens or transfer functions
  • PDFs are saved as “loose-pages” and not imposed as spreads
  • (Example: A 4-page catalog has four individual pages in the PDF)

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