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Welcome to the HubCast Support Center. Our Customer Care team of print experts is available to answer your questions, resolve your problems and expedite your jobs. From helping to create press-ready PDFs, to answering technical questions, to expediting the delivery of your project, our team is available to ensure your project goes smoothly. Our Customer Care team is available from 7am to 2am EST (GMT-5), Monday through Friday, except on American National Holidays. For general questions, please refer to the HubCast Support content, published below. For immediate assistance, please dial within the the US: 800.466.4636 /  outside the US: +1.901.415.1708.

Please submit an inquiry if you need further assistance.

Press-Ready PDF Setup

Guidelines for Creating Your Press-Ready PDF Using Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office 2010 and Quark Xpress

Shipping and Delivery

HubCast Delivery Options and Coverage


Glossary of Standard and HubCast Printing Terms

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