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Our Cloud Print Solution

The HubCast Cloud Print Solution addresses the printing needs of every organization with the features and functionality necessary to meet your unique business requirements. With HubCast, every organization can now deliver commercial-quality print marketing tools to field offices, events, and customer locations anywhere in the world. As your organization grows, the HubCast Cloud Print Solution scales to support increasing numbers of users, documents, channels, and administrative tools.

Our print solution delivers an unparalleled network of global Print Service Providers, innovative print management technology, and automation of the business processes involved in print procurement. HubCast is a global print on demand solution that can print and deliver materials anywhere in the world with next-day delivery to 92 percent of the top GDP cities globally.

HubCast Benefits

Easy and Available Access
Users around the world can access and order approved print materials 24/7 through the HubCast Cloud Platform, self-service corporate storefront. It’s easy-to-use, self-service order processing enables users to order print online in minutes. No emails. No phone calls. No time zones. HubCast simplifies the print procurement process; you upload your files, place an order, track delivery, and view your order history.

Guaranteed Brand Integrity
Companies can now better control the content and messages, and eliminate the need for local offices to create new print materials. Organizations can establish levels of access to documents, defining users, quantities and budget parameters. We provide online document management capabilities, enabling you to maintain a virtual inventory of approved PDFs, ensuring everyone, across the organization, accesses the most up-to-date materials. You can maintain multiple versions in multiple languages and establish templates for co-branding. Authorized users can log into the print storefront from anywhere in the world, select a pre-approved file from your document library, specify quantity and delivery destination, and schedule delivery. By having only approved documents, global offices can’t go rogue and print their own print version.

Comprehensive Cost Management
Our platform includes a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. You can track usage and expenses by document, cost center, and region. Establish charge backs. Build in notifications and calculate the reduced costs of shipping, warehousing, and obsolescence.

Consistent Print Quality
HubCast wants to make sure red is red wherever you are printing. HubCast’s innovative technology standardizes print production throughout our global Print Service Provider (PSP) network to ensure your corporate colors and brand print consistently, worldwide.

Fast Delivery
Our print solution incorporates an unparalleled global network of commercial Print Service Providers (PSPs), which reaches into every country on every continent. We can print your materials locally, anywhere in the world, enabling you to schedule next-day delivery in most major cities, eliminating the time and expense of long-distance shipping and the uncertainty of customs.

HubCast Customers

Our solution meets the needs of various types of customers.

  • Global, Enterprise Corporations looking for improvements in efficiency and cost savings across many departments including Marketing, Sales, Training, HR and Operations.
  • Global Marketers who need to be able to order from a shared directory of documents in order to meet the print requirements of global sales offices quickly and efficiently while ensuring brand integrity and staying under budget.
  • Event Marketers who need printed materials for time sensitive events and meetings which can’t afford to be delayed by import customs and tariffs.

Global, Enterprise Corporations
HubCast meets the needs of global enterprises with networks of geographically dispersed offices and channel partners. It dramatically improves the end user experience, reduces the time and resources necessary to manage print procurement and fulfillment, and brings new levels of control to sales and marketing professionals by ensuring quality and brand control.

You manage the entire print solution through a corporate-branded storefront, eliminating the manual processes that consume manpower and budgets. Our print platform provides an easy-to-use, self-service ordering process, which can accommodate thousands of users, enabling employees and channel partners anywhere in the world to log into your corporate storefront, select pre-approved files, specify quantity, and schedule delivery.

You manage content by uploading print-ready PDFs to your online library, allowing users to access and order only the most up-to-date, accurate materials. Our self-service storefront delivers an intuitive experience, increasing usage of approved marketing materials and compliance with brand standards.

Global Marketers
HubCast reduces the time and resources required to order, print, and deliver marketing materials. We provide an on-line document library, easy to use interface, and global print network, enabling your marketing team to respond quickly to field requests for marketing tools while maintaining control of the content and quality of all print materials.

Event Marketers
We enable you to print and deliver commercial-quality print materials to offices and events around the world, on-demand. We give you the power and flexibility to create unique documents for trade shows, conferences, and training events – and deliver them anywhere in the world, as quickly as next day. We enable corporate marketing departments to respond quickly to field requirements for commercial-quality marketing materials by providing online access to a library of approved PDFs, local printing worldwide, and next-day delivery to most major cities in the world. HubCast frees up your staff, maximizes your budget, and puts you in control of the content and quality of marketing materials.

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