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HubCast Has Reduced Global Carbon Expenditure by 600 Tons of CO2 Since 2010

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Leading Cloud Print Company Helps Enterprise Companies Save On Global Shipping Of Paper

trees-340950_1280Wakefield, MA (USA) – September 30, 2015. HubCast, Inc. a global leader in cloud print solutions, announced that on about October 13, 2015, HubCast will have saved its customers 600 tons in carbon expenditure since 2010. By allowing global companies to order print via the cloud and print it close to its intended destination, HubCast helps companies stay competitive while remaining good corporate citizens. This has prevented, on average, 104 metric tons (230,000 lbs) of CO2 and other harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere per year. To put that in terms that we can relate to, this savings is the same as taking 21 mid-size American cars off the road each year. In order to keep sustainability top of mind for its customers, partners and employees, HubCast recently installed a carbon counter on its website which tracks the amount of carbon saved since 2010.

Aron Blume, HubCast’s VP of Operations, said: “600 tons of carbon saved is another great milestone for our company. Paper is very heavy and it doesn’t make sense to ship it over large transoceanic distances when we can use the cloud to order globally and print locally. Our network of printers around globe helps companies not only reduce their carbon footprint but save money on shipping printed materials.”

Recent studies by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey found that companies focused on sustainability initiatives were not only saving the planet but had performed better financially with an increased return on investment. Over the last number of years, HubCast’s customers have embraced the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their transportation and warehousing costs by up to 30%.

HubCast addresses the needs of enterprise companies frustrated with high shipping costs for its printed marketing and training materials. Companies have had two choices in order to meet the print demands of their global offices. They could order a large batch of print from their local printer; but would have to endure high transportation and carbon costs in shipping paper around the world. Or they could use international printers that are not familiar with their print specifications, making the ordering and logistics process more difficult, especially with the time zone differences. HubCast solves this no-win situation by managing all aspects of the print process; from easy end-user ordering 24/7 and commercial-grade print production to speedy delivery with financial and administrative reporting while maintaining consistency and brand quality.

About HubCast
HubCast provides innovative cloud software print solutions via the cloud for global companies looking for improved efficiencies in their printing process and reducing their global impact on the environment. With global competition paramount, enterprises are constantly challenged by an inability to deliver high-quality marketing materials to their global locations and partners quickly and cost-effectively. HubCast has disrupted the legacy printing process by combining our software technology that uses the cloud to manage the entire print procurement and delivery process with a certified, global network of HubCast Print Service Providers (PSPs) using high quality HP-Indigo press technology. HubCast is the only company that provides global delivery of high-quality marketing print quickly, easily and cost effectively with service as fast as next-day.

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