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The HubCast Global Print Solution goes beyond the capabilities and limitations of conventional print solutions to encompass all aspects of print procurement and delivery; from end-user ordering, document management, and order processing to production, quality management, delivery, and administrative reporting. It is the first truly Global Print Solution to deliver commercial quality print through the cloud.


HubCast Cloud Print Engine

At the heart of our solutions is the HubCast Cloud Print Engine, which automates the entire print procurement process. Our unique technology and algorithms link together all HubCast Print Service Providers through a secure private network, providing you with easy ordering, fast global delivery, consistent quality and cost savings.

As part of HubCast’s quality control process, HubCast’s Cloud Print Engine automatically verifies the format of your print file, the resolution of photos or artwork, the correct color space, and your page size and count. The Cloud Print Engine automatically flags anything that could impact the quality of your final print piece, and notifies you immediately.

Self-Service Ordering and Corporate Storefronts Simplify Ordering

We’ve simplified order processing with self-service applications and storefronts for individuals, teams, and enterprises, allowing employees anywhere in the world to access and order corporate-approved marketing and sales tools. Whether you’re a single user or a global enterprise supporting thousands of users, the storefront provides a single, central location for the entire process, from uploading print files to scheduling delivery. Simply log into the storefront, upload or choose a print file, input quantity, delivery address, and delivery date.

You receive the price immediately. Not an estimate, the actual price you will pay based on your job and delivery address. The entire process takes seconds. No need for emails, phone calls, fulfillment, in-house printing, or locally developed materials.

Online Library Expands Access

You can expand global access to materials by storing print files in HubCast’s cloud-based document library. Upload and store an unlimited number of print files, building a virtual warehouse filled with approved materials. You define who accesses the library and which materials they print. Approved users, anywhere in the world, can access the print files, order print, and schedule delivery of critical marketing materials. Because you control the library, your brand looks consistent worldwide, and local offices do not need to create and print materials locally – maintaining the integrity of your global brand.

Global Delivery – Anytime, Anywhere

The key to worldwide delivery and next-day availability is HubCast’s unparalleled global network of Print Service Providers (PSPs). Our PSPs enable us to print your materials locally, in every country on every continent. When you place a print order, HubCast’s Cloud Print Engine automatically selects the optimal PSP closest to your delivery destination, ensuring rapid delivery and high quality.

Consistent Quality

HubCast has standardized print production down to the ink and presses we use, ensuring the very best commercial print. Every press is calibrated before every job to ensure it meets our exacting color specifications and is in line with every other press in the HubCast Global Print Solution.

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