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Dabbawalas: Delivery Excellence

Posted by Sean Doherty on

Dabbawala22In 2010, Harvard Business School’s Stefan Thomke and Mina Sinha chose to study India’s dabbawalas.

What are dabbawalas, you ask? The literal translation is “lunch carriers,” who bring over 200,000 home-cooked meals to the hungry workforces of Mumbai and then back home. What makes them extraordinary enough to garner Harvard’s interest? Besides the fact that a wife can cook her husband a meal that is delivered hot from her kitchen, they boast an error rate of 1 per every 16 million transactions.

While it is very difficult to verify the accuracy of such claim, that error rate is far better Six Sigma accuracy. Actually, it is about 50 times better. Six Sigma accuracy states that a process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

No matter the actual error rate, this is a tremendous business feat that is accomplished with no technology and 5,000 workers of whom a majority can’t read.


At HubCast, our goal is to deliver like the dabbawalas and bring your print collateral still hot from the presses while meeting the high-quality standards you deserve. We want to bring you quality and accuracy in commercial printing on a global scale.

How can we hope to achieve this goal?

We’re Glocal
HubCast is both global and local. You can order from anywhere in the world and have it shipped to a location on the other side of the planet, or just next door.

The HubCast Cloud Print Solution reaches around the globe, delivering critical marketing tools wherever you do business. With our unparalleled global network of commercial Print Service Providers (PSPs), we print your materials locally, so we can deliver quickly. You can order and receive commercial-quality materials as quickly as next day. HubCast even offers next-day delivery to 92% of the top GDP cities globally. Our network of PSPs combined with our user-friendly, globally accessible ordering dashboard allows us to attain dabbawala-like delivery speed and gives you more control over your order.

High-Quality Is Our Norm
HubCast’s Cloud Print Supply Chain has innovative technology and rigorous quality control processes to deliver consistent quality on marketing materials, wherever they are printed. Where dabbawalas use a series of uniform, hand-painted numbers to ensure their deliveries arrive hot and ready to eat, we standardized print production down to the ink, presses, and paper we use throughout our global PSP network. It doesn’t matter where you are or where your print collateral is going, you can rest easy knowing your corporate colors and brand will print consistently—worldwide.

Home-Cooked Printing
Home cooked meals are great because they are fresh and they are made just the way you want them, every time. At HubCast, we give you printing with the same high quality every time and delivered just the way you want your printed materials.

HubCast’s document storage and management capabilities enable you to ensure consistent global messages by building a virtual online library of pre-approved print files, ensuring everyone, across the organization, accesses the most up-to-date materials.

You maintain control of all marketing materials by establishing the rules for access to documents, defining users, quantities, and budgeting parameters. You can easily manage the integrity of your messages, logo and corporate colors and the overall quality of worldwide marketing materials.

When you hire a dabbawala, you get your lunch delivered your way in Mumbai. When you use HubCast, you get your printing, your way, every time, everywhere.

Are you interested in learning more about how HubCast can deliver high-quality print collateral on your demand? Contact me at 781-425-2256.

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