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HubCast Case Story: IASP


Call out

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) turned to HubCast with a custom project, a three-week deadline, and no time for delays in shipping or customs. With HubCast’s Global Print Solution, IASP printed and delivered on time and on budget in Buenos Aires.


The International Association for the Study of Pain, IASP® is the largest organization in the world focused specifically on the research of pain and its treatment. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., IASP has 7,000 members distributed across 133 countries around the world.

The association publishes numerous books on pain research and treatment methodologies, selling the books through its publishing partner, Wolters Kluwer. Every two years, IASP publishes new books in time for the organization’s World Congress on Pain, which is attended by more than 5,000 scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policy-makers. IASP relies on book purchases at this meeting for a significant proportion of sales revenues.

The Challenge

Early in 2014, IASP had plans to release five new books at the 15th World Congress on Pain in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Congress was scheduled for October and the authors and editors would be working until the last possible moment preparing their latest research for print, leaving IASP only three weeks to print and deliver. To add further complexity, Argentina has strict customs regulations, which make it difficult to import books and print materials, so IASP needed to find a printer in Argentina that could meet its deadline and maintain its quality standards.

“The pressure was immense to get these books published in time for the Congress, but unfortunately, not a lot of time in our schedule to get the printing done,” explains Dan Levin, Director of Publications at IASP. “We didn’t have time to print the books in the U.S. and then hope they would make it through customs. So we decided it would save time to print the books in Buenos Aires. But, we had never published in Argentina before and did not have any contacts in country.”

The Solution

Levin contacted some of the largest international printers to help, but received few responses. “The responses I did receive didn’t address our needs. I wasn’t getting the customer service I expected from the large printers.”

With little time to spare, Levin reached out to colleagues for recommendations and learned about HubCast, its Global Print Solution and ability to deliver print to events and customers around the world. After researching the company and speaking with its executives, Levin decided HubCast was the solution he needed; the company offers an unparalleled global network of commercial Print Service Providers, which enables customers to print locally, anywhere in the world, eliminating the time and expense of shipping and the uncertainty of customs.

“This was a shot in the dark for us. We weren’t familiar with HubCast. But I liked the global print solution model, and HubCast responded immediately to my email, assuring me they could manage the print for us, deliver on time, and meet our quality requirements,” states Levin. HubCast handled the production, routing, and delivery of the books for IASP, utilizing a printer in Buenos Aires that is part of HubCast’s Global Print Solution.

All five books were perfect bound with four-color illustrations and graphs, and ranged from 300 to 500 pages. “We worked with HubCast to push the deadline for delivering the PDF files out as far we possibly could, in order to give our editors and authors the time they needed to finish proofing the content.” Levin ordered 1,000 copies of one book, which would be distributed as part of a training course for 900 attendees. He ordered 100 copies of each of the four remaining books.

“HubCast knew the stakes were high, and they got it done. We got the books on time, we were able to set them out on the first day of the Congress and make our sales,” continues Levin. “We were totally blown away HubCast was able to pull it off. No other print vendor was able to meet our needs.”

“HubCast solved every challenge involving time and cost. But for me, probably the most important benefit was their excellent customer service and attention to detail. We had great communication every step of the way. HubCast let us know what to expect, which made us comfortable and confident the job would be done on time.”

“This was a great accomplishment,” concludes Levin. “I would certainly recommend HubCast to anyone doing business internationally. In fact, we will use HubCast for our next World Congress scheduled for Japan, because it will be more economical to print in Japan than to send books halfway around the globe.”