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HubCast Case Story: Hexagon

home-logo-hexagonHexagon is using HubCast to help global subsidiaries comply with corporate brand standards and gain fast access to corporate collateral, and the process is reducing costs by 25%.


A leading international supplier of integrated design, measurement and visualization technologies, Hexagon encompasses a diverse and growing portfolio of subsidiary brands. Many of the international subsidiaries within Hexagon’s portfolio have strong and valuable brand identification within their individual sectors. The subsidiary companies also work together under the Hexagon umbrella to provide integrated solutions for specific customer segments, markets and geographical areas.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Hexagon has approximately 14,000 employees in 40 countries, and works with customers in all corners of the world. Two years ago, the company launched a new branding initiative to reflect the breadth and depth of Hexagon’s technological solutions and its strength as an international company. “The company decided to capitalize on the combined strength of our brands to create a corporate brand that stands for quality and innovation around the world,” explains Sarah Fordyce, Executive Director, Global Brand Communication and Strategic Marketing.

The Challenge

Each subsidiary controls its own marketing budget and has an established brand in addition to being part of the Hexagon global family. “We wanted to establish standards so customers and employees would have a consistent perception of Hexagon’s strengths and value,” states Fordyce.

The challenge for corporate marketing was to provide a flexible and easy way for subsidiaries around the world to integrate the new Hexagon brand into their marketing materials. As large as Hexagon is, its corporate marketing group is quite small, only 20 members, divided between offices in Huntsville, Alabama, and Atlanta, Georgia.


“HubCast represents a very different approach to marketing for us,” continues Fordyce. “It enables us to maintain control over the corporate brand while allowing any employee, anywhere in the world, to log on to the corporate portal and place an order. The subsidiaries have had a very positive response because of the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery.”

HubCast is a complete print supply chain solution for managing global print processes. It comprises end-user software for self-service ordering through the Hexagon corporate portal, which supports multi-user, permission-based access, online document libraries, and extensive reporting features. HubCast also provides transaction-processing software linking Hexagon users around the world to HubCast’s global network of Print Service Providers, for delivery of printed materials, as fast as next day.

So far Hexagon is using HubCast to manage two major corporate brand initiatives: the production and distribution of a bi-annual employee magazine and the global standardization of business cards. “HubCast is a fantastic partner. They want us to be successful and are very invested in our processes,” states Fordyce.

Today, six Hexagon brands in 30 countries have placed more than 1,300 orders through HubCast. “We’ve reduced costs by 25% and shortened turnaround time to an average of three days, with the option of next-day delivery,” explains Fordyce. “But the greatest benefit is the consistency and quality of our brand on a global scale.”

Fordyce points to one project in particular as an example of how HubCast is helping to maximize Hexagon’s corporate marketing budget and expand its ability to deliver materials to offices around the world. Twice a year, Fordyce’s team produces 13,000 copies of a 4-color employee magazine ranging in size from 12-40 pages. In previous years, they printed in the United States and shipped smaller quantities to field offices on request. Last year, fewer than half the offices requested the magazine.

This year, Hexagon used HubCast to produce the magazine, printing and automatically delivering small quantities to each of its 250 worldwide offices. “HubCast prints locally, so we eliminated potential issues with shipping and import taxes,” states Fordyce.

“In the past, we’ve had shipments stuck in customs for weeks on end because of import taxes. On occasion, shipments just got lost. Packing and shipping smaller quantities around the world used to take us the better part of a month, utilizing valuable manpower resources. With HubCast the entire process takes less than two weeks and doesn’t require staff time.”

“With the cost savings from HubCast, we were able to translate the magazine into five languages and deliver copies to 250 offices versus 100,” states Fordyce. “HubCast is enabling us to get the magazine in the hands of more employees around the world.”

Fordyce’s goal is 100% global adoption of HubCast for business cards by the end of the year. “We rely heavily on HubCast,” states Fordyce. “The entire print and fulfillment process is a lot smoother, and we are realizing major benefits in terms of turnaround time and cost savings.”

“HubCast is a fantastic partner. They want us to be successful and are very invested in our processes.”