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Our Cloud Print Solution

HubCast is about making high-quality commercial-quality print and shipping it anywhere in the world, easily and quickly. Our print-on-demand solution negates the need to order large print quantities, warehouse it and ship it to global offices.

Our goal when we started in 2007 was to help companies ensure their brand integrity, save money on shipping and make it easy for their employees to order print around the globe. To that end, we built a certified, global network of HubCast Print Service Providers (PSPs), developed innovative software technology to manage the entire print procurement and delivery process – then put it all in the Cloud.

Today, the HubCast Cloud Print Solution reaches into every country on every continent. You can order, print, and deliver marketing materials, anywhere in the world. In fact, with our automated processes and extensive PSP network, you can order print and have it delivered the very next day in most major cities in the world.

The technology and expertise behind our Global Print Solution go well beyond the capabilities and limitations of conventional ‘on-demand’ print solutions. We encompass all aspects of print procurement, from end-user ordering, document management, and order processing to production, routing, delivery, and financial and administrative reporting.

The HubCast Global Print Solution works for large enterprises and smaller organizations. If you support geographically distributed sales offices, marketing teams, and channel partners, we dramatically reduce the time and money you spend on printing and fulfillment. You can print and deliver product sell sheets, trade show flyers, brochures, posters and signage, training materials and catalogs, and everything in-between. You can print and deliver to your offices and events across town or across the world. You can respond in real-time to field requests for materials, without paying exorbitant shipping costs.

With the HubCast Global Print Solution you do not have to compromise quality for speed. We standardize production by certifying every commercial printer in the HubCast PSP network. All HubCast PSPs utilize HP-Indigo press technology. Every PSP incorporates HubCast’s proprietary technology to manage the performance of each press. And, every PSP uses HubCast’s proven color control system to ensure worldwide color consistency.