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A Global Marketer’s Dream: Print That is Good, Cheap and Fast

Posted by Sean Doherty on

good cheap fast 2aIn the past, marketers were often presented options when ordering print that forced them to choose to sacrifice either the product quality, the delivery time or the budget.

As the old saying goes, “Good, cheap, fast. Pick two.”

  1. If a marketer wanted to guarantee high-quality marketing collateral and have it delivered quickly, the budget was blown on expedited shipping.
  2. If marketer wanted to get the print on budget and on time, printing in country was often the only option, but quality was usually suspect.
  3. If the marketer wanted to get it there with high quality and on budget, shipping on a slow boat was the only option.

With growing technological advances and the increasing global aspirations of businesses, “picking two” is no longer necessary—or acceptable. Global marketers want more when it comes to print collateral, and they can get it with HubCast.

Fast Digital Speed

If you take the time to craft a groundbreaking marketing campaign for a new product, your print collateral will be worthless if it isn’t delivered by the promoted launch date. It is extremely frustrating when you base part of a campaign on receiving materials that don’t arrive fast. Imagine going to a conference with no flyers or business cards. No one attending will care that your printer was late; they will just see that you aren’t prepared. It just doesn’t look good.

Marketers can use HubCast’s winning combination of local Print Service Providers (PSPs) along with their streamlined digital dashboard to order print services worldwide. It’s a virtual print factory, which enables you to print materials locally, anywhere in the world, and reduce the time and expense of shipping.

Good (Great) Quality You Can Count On

Fast and reach are both very good, but nothing matters if your print collateral looks like it was printed from your home inkjet printer. Bad print collateral does not a winning marketing campaign make. As the saying goes, “You get out what you put in.” And if you give your consumer base poorly printed marketing materials, they aren’t going to respect your company or trust you with their business.

At HubCast, we go all-in on quality without slowing production time or beating up your marketing budget. HubCast has a Cloud Print Solution with the innovative technology and rigorous quality control processes to deliver consistent quality on marketing materials, wherever they are printed. HubCast has standardized print production down to the ink, presses, and paper we use throughout our global PSP network to ensure your corporate colors and brand print consistently, worldwide.

Inexpensive Costs (Compared to the Alternative)

Our top customers are saving up to 30% using HubCast compared to their past print solutions. How are we doing that? A number of reasons. First, we have global reach so customers do need multiple printers, so they save on consolidation. Second, we have one of the largest print capacities on the globe so we are never to busy for a print job. Third, we offer print on demand and off-set printing so we can print fast or large format. Fourth, we have virtual storefront so your sales team can order approved documentation online and does not need to bother the marketing department. Finally, with smaller print runs, there is no need for a warehouse and the eventual obsolescence of printed materials since you are just printing what you need, when you need it.

The HubCast Cloud Print Solution reaches around the globe, delivering critical marketing tools wherever you do business. Print only what you need. Deliver anywhere you want. Receive commercial-quality materials as quickly as next day. HubCast even offers next-day delivery to 92% of the top GDP cities globally. When you use HubCast, you don’t have to choose between quality, speed, or cost.

At HubCast, we are very fast, very good, and very inexpensive (compared to the alternative).


hubcast-web-logoIf you’re interested in how HubCast can help transform your global marketing efforts, please contact me at (781) 425-2236.

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